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    The CDH Radda in Chianti is an excellent facility for people looking for an accessible hotel in Radda, Chianti.


    If you are looking for an hotel in Chianti accessible to wheelchair users, in CDH Radda in Chianti you will encounter a welcoming and elegant facility that will suit all your needs.


    This elegant 4-star hotel lies deep in the lovely Tuscan hills and is provided with the best services to offer a pleasant and relaxing stay to all its guests. The internal and external communal areas have been made accessible to wheelchair users, thanks to ramps and spacious elevators.  `


    The CDH Radda in Chianti offers 60 rooms on three floors, 2 of which are reserved for disabled guests. The rooms are divided into categories ranging from Classic to Suite, depending on the level of comfort that guests may wish for. The rooms are decorated in a modern Tuscany style, with wide beds with double pillows, Terracotta floors and spacious bathrooms in Tuscan stone featuring a shower or a bathtub.

    Most of the rooms offer views on the delightful hills that surround the hotel, while others overlook the peaceful internal courtyard. Book your next stay at CDH Radda in the heart of Chianti, and feel free to contact the facility for any specific requests.